Professional dance lessons
in Birmingham

Whether you want to be a professional dancer or want to pursue dance as a hobby, Excels Dance Academy can offer you dance classes to suit your needs. Contact us for details.

A brief history of our dance academy

Establishment of Excels Dance Academy dates back to 2006 when our owner, Kelly Hurlbutt met a group of dance enthusiasts in a small hall. They started offering dance classes and included various dance forms and styles in their lessons. Soon, our classes became popular and more students began to join those classes. As number of learners grew, we moved to Hollymoor Centre, our current location in Birmingham.
No matter what form of dance you want to learn, Excels Dance Academy is your one-stop dance studio. With over ten years of experience in teaching various dance forms and styles, we can help you learn all types of dancing. We provide classes for anyone aged 3 and above.

We prepare students for shows and competitions

Whether you are a novice or an experienced dancer, you’ll require professional guidance if you want to perform at a show or competition. We encourage our students to take part in events and competitions in addition to helping them prepare for exams. The examining board for dancing exams is A.B.D.

Why choose us for dance lessons?

A.B.D. qualified staff
Classes for beginners as well as advanced learners
Classes starting from just £2.75

Get in touch

Call us on 07852 961 584
to find out more about our dance lessons in Birmingham.